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School for Cool

It’s Adam’s first year in Play School and with not much choices of Preschool in our neighbourhood, we thought it should be all right to only consider the travel convenience instead. 3 Hours of play time with his friends and I believe he’s enjoying himself independently though the schedule of his classes are not to our preference. So, I wanted to search for better schools with more curriculum for Adam but have no idea what I should look out for.

I’ve always thought I should consider the quality of their education/curriculum and a balance of learn and play. I wanted a school that allows their student to be creative and also teach them basic etiquette. Being very critical about the tiniest feedbacks and comments made by his Preschool Teacher, I looked for reasons and judged their leadership.

And I was wrong.

Anything that a child should learn is at home. The people who should teach, nurture and guide them should be their parents and guardians. With the technology and the convenience of Google and WWW, parents should take their time for research of ways to nurture their child. Interact with them as much as you can. Let them explore the outdoors and talk to them about the surroundings.

YouTube can be convenient for me to juggle the house chores and making sure the kids are well occupied but I realised I should plan a limited schedule for TVs and YouTube and make time for colouring, learning numbers and alphabets, pronunciation and phonics, explore the outdoors, go for a swim or to the playground. I have to be observant enough while catching up on his growth. I have to educate myself first with the updated curriculum in order to guide him when he needs us.

Nobody say it’s going to be easy. And for new parents; I would like to share some of these links for your children of age 3 to 5 years old. Save on that purchase for colouring books and worksheets and make this smart simplicity a good time for you to spend with your children!

1) Crayola Free Coloring Pages
2) Alphabetical Worksheets from A to Z
3) Numerical Worksheets from 1 to 20

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