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Book of the Week: Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius

Finally, after made my order last two weeks, I’ve got my hands on Ghost Boy. Anticipated to begin my journey, I was overwhelmed and inspired by just reading 5 chapters of the book. I’m not too sure if you would categorized it as a Biography.

Martin’s like any other ordinary boy. Grew up with a loving parent and two other siblings. Until one day, he came home complaining of a sore throat and as months go by, he slept for longer hours during the day and realised the difficulty to walk. After a year, doctors had finally concluded he’d suffered from a degenerative neurological disorder. Unaware of his surroundings, he finally woke up with the unfortunate coma. Helpless and trapped in his body, he tried everything that he could to send a sign of his awaken to his family and caretaker but nothing seems to be on his side.

Captivated by his story, I’m looking forward to finish this book. ‘Ghost Boy’ would definitely teaches us things in life. To listen, to cherish, to be grateful for what we have. Thank You Martin, for sharing such a wonderful story of your life.

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