About The Momster

Momster of three young boys with a whole lot of chirpy attitude! Full-time career woman who complains a lot about work but still enjoy and bless to be in my own tiny desk (with a lot of privacy of course.) I’m not old, yet not too young (Okay… I’m mid-twenties). And I’m still figuring out how to transform Bumble Bee from a car to a robot.

It never occur to me that I will grow to enjoy cooking, sewing and baking though I’m still in the Amateur level. (Probably better by now… I hope!) Being a new mom, I’ve built my necessities and turn it to passion and I can’t wait to do it full time soon!

Why Part Time First Lady…
I am, ultimately, the first lady in the house. I work, I clean, I cook and I sleep…less. Even though most of the time, I’m drown with work, I took a “part of my time” to do what it should be done at home and yes, it’s tiring and exhausting, but at the end of the day, when my kids tell me, “I love the spaghetti you made.” feels like it’s all worth it! So here, in this virtual space, I’m sharing with you tips or tricks or nothing but thoughts on how we need to cope and do better as The First Lady.

Thank you for popping by my humble e-abode. For anything or everything, drop me an e-mail,

xx. 😉


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