The Art of Giving

There’s a possibility that this may slipped through our minds about Giving. Giving to others who are in need may be the only solution to a peaceful soul and could be one of the reasons of Happiness, If there’s no expectations of return. At one point in life, I would always remember to give a little and love a little more. It may not always be in a monetary form, but I’m all about giving you my time and effort.

For this post, I hope this would be a self-reminder and a virtual post-it notes to myself or it could be for anyone else who thinks the same way like I do.

I would love to give. To give in a monetary form and help the needy but cautious of donating my money to fundraisers. Where will the money go to? Will it be given to the less fortunate or does it include for the cost of the fundraising? I may not know. My mother always advised, “Never questioned where your money will go to? Or is this fundraising campaign legit enough to pass the donations to the needy?” When we donate, it should always be from the heart. With sincerity, no matter if it’s legit or not, it will be all worthwhile. But of course, you can’t help but to question. So now, I made a point, if ever I would like to donate in monetary term, I will give to those who I know, who are in need.

Who should we give? How do we give?
There’s so many people I would want to help. There’s so many campaigns I would love to volunteer. A self-note to myself, I should help those who are close to my heart. My parents, my siblings, my relatives, my close friends and my family. I would love to give my time with them instead of checking my newsfeed every five minutes. I would love to put a little bit of effort to help my mother in the kitchen or to clean up the house. I would love to put more effort and time for my children’s education. I would. And again, like I said, a self-note worth the type. 

My basic etiquette of giving.
Look at those celebrities with their campaigns, their songs composed specifically for a tragedy or the needy, their stories in the news. It’s all over, everywhere. It’s publicity. Killing two birds with one stone. To get themselves well known. But since I’m not a celebrity, my belief, is to help others without recognition. Without people knowing about it. Somehow, I feel a little bit more special. It’s between me, my inner soul, God and the receiver. With a little prayer and a little wish for the moment, I felt at peace and thankful that I was given the opportunity to make another person smile.

I have a thought while observing those who receive. I look at their smiling faces and small giggles, while humbling themselves with so much appreciation, it opens up my heart and my mind that the world needs to get better. Share what you can afford. Whatever that will make you into a better person.

Just Give, xx.


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