What BFF means to you in your late 20s & early 30s

Can you imagine? The latest blog I’ve posted was 14 days ago? 14 days of non stop work, children, husband, laundries and more laundries. #confessionofaworkingmother. And time is so precious, whenever I thought of contributing my time alone, I felt the guilt running through my veins and suddenly, the brain came up with a whole list of things for me to do just to get ends meet.

Back to my topic, today.

I would say, I am one of the few lucky bustards to have people sticking by my side, still. With friends for a decade, who needs new friends when we have the ones that love us ever since puberty..? I remember those times when we have all the time in the world. We go to school on weekdays and we hit the town on weekends. It has always been the same routine. In and out of town and the beach once in a while. But gradually, we only meet occasionally. When one of us have the time to spare, we would make time for coffee dates or visiting one another’s house and making full use of the few hours. We create chat group on WhatsApp and that’s the only way nobody could make an excuse that they’re too busy to even text! Thankful for the virtual world, we can still update our friends, acquaintances, family members and (at times) strangers of our whereabouts and ‘happy ending stories’. Okay, you’ve got to agree with me, to have strangers on your virtual world can be quite a scare. You’ll never know, stalkers do exist even though you’re NOT a celebrity.


Well anyways, my point is, true friends will never be upset over a cancelled plan if you really cannot make it. I, do love my friends to bits though at times, I can be quite sensitive and selfish not to understand why things don’t go as how we’ve planned. True friends will make time and hold on to our promises to be there for each other, just a phone call away. For that, I dedicate this post to the girls who’ve been there through good times and bad. No matter how hard it is for us to meet and time just keeps on going too fast (especially with kids involved), I love you. Xx.


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