Sorry, Not Sorry.

We’ve all heard the song from BLUE, “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” but guess what ladies, it seems like Sorry is the easiest word for us to express ourselves even though many times we know we’re never in the wrong. Now, we should all just stop it!

Quite some time ago, while browsing my News Feed on Facebook, I chanced upon a video from Pantene (you know, that hair product brand). “Not Sorry”. Take a look.

While you’re at work…
Overusing the word would probably make us look unfit for leadership. Many of times, we apologise when we requested a favour from other people, or before we question when we misunderstood an explanation. A lot of us think by saying sorry before anything else, will lessen of others to judge us as being rude, but we could’ve just do without it and not seem rude yet firm and polite (the tone of our voice will help… and a smile if needed). So it’s about time to ditch the word and use it when we really… really… mean it.

While at home…
I am, too, the victim of the “Sorry” wordy. I will say sorry when I ask to change the channel. I will say sorry if I need my husband to get the laundry or the groceries. All the time, apologising when there’s nothing really wrong. When we’re at home or around our friends, we may think that saying “Sorry” will actually help us to be more polite or courteous. Abusing the word will make the meaning of it, meaningless.

So, would you say, “Sorry dear, could you get me the laundry?” or
“Dear, If you could help me with the laundry, please? Thank you!”
The latter just sounds better huh? 😉


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