The Art of Giving

There’s a possibility that this may slipped through our minds about Giving. Giving to others who are in need may be the only solution to a peaceful soul and could be one of the reasons of Happiness, If there’s no expectations of return. At one point in life, I would always remember to give a little and love a little more. It may not always be in a monetary form, but I’m all about giving you my time and effort.

For this post, I hope this would be a self-reminder and a virtual post-it notes to myself or it could be for anyone else who thinks the same way like I do.

I would love to give. To give in a monetary form and help the needy but cautious of donating my money to fundraisers. Where will the money go to? Will it be given to the less fortunate or does it include for the cost of the fundraising? I may not know. My mother always advised, “Never questioned where your money will go to? Or is this fundraising campaign legit enough to pass the donations to the needy?” When we donate, it should always be from the heart. With sincerity, no matter if it’s legit or not, it will be all worthwhile. But of course, you can’t help but to question. So now, I made a point, if ever I would like to donate in monetary term, I will give to those who I know, who are in need.

Who should we give? How do we give?
There’s so many people I would want to help. There’s so many campaigns I would love to volunteer. A self-note to myself, I should help those who are close to my heart. My parents, my siblings, my relatives, my close friends and my family. I would love to give my time with them instead of checking my newsfeed every five minutes. I would love to put a little bit of effort to help my mother in the kitchen or to clean up the house. I would love to put more effort and time for my children’s education. I would. And again, like I said, a self-note worth the type. 

My basic etiquette of giving.
Look at those celebrities with their campaigns, their songs composed specifically for a tragedy or the needy, their stories in the news. It’s all over, everywhere. It’s publicity. Killing two birds with one stone. To get themselves well known. But since I’m not a celebrity, my belief, is to help others without recognition. Without people knowing about it. Somehow, I feel a little bit more special. It’s between me, my inner soul, God and the receiver. With a little prayer and a little wish for the moment, I felt at peace and thankful that I was given the opportunity to make another person smile.

I have a thought while observing those who receive. I look at their smiling faces and small giggles, while humbling themselves with so much appreciation, it opens up my heart and my mind that the world needs to get better. Share what you can afford. Whatever that will make you into a better person.

Just Give, xx.


What BFF means to you in your late 20s & early 30s

Can you imagine? The latest blog I’ve posted was 14 days ago? 14 days of non stop work, children, husband, laundries and more laundries. #confessionofaworkingmother. And time is so precious, whenever I thought of contributing my time alone, I felt the guilt running through my veins and suddenly, the brain came up with a whole list of things for me to do just to get ends meet.

Back to my topic, today.

I would say, I am one of the few lucky bustards to have people sticking by my side, still. With friends for a decade, who needs new friends when we have the ones that love us ever since puberty..? I remember those times when we have all the time in the world. We go to school on weekdays and we hit the town on weekends. It has always been the same routine. In and out of town and the beach once in a while. But gradually, we only meet occasionally. When one of us have the time to spare, we would make time for coffee dates or visiting one another’s house and making full use of the few hours. We create chat group on WhatsApp and that’s the only way nobody could make an excuse that they’re too busy to even text! Thankful for the virtual world, we can still update our friends, acquaintances, family members and (at times) strangers of our whereabouts and ‘happy ending stories’. Okay, you’ve got to agree with me, to have strangers on your virtual world can be quite a scare. You’ll never know, stalkers do exist even though you’re NOT a celebrity.


Well anyways, my point is, true friends will never be upset over a cancelled plan if you really cannot make it. I, do love my friends to bits though at times, I can be quite sensitive and selfish not to understand why things don’t go as how we’ve planned. True friends will make time and hold on to our promises to be there for each other, just a phone call away. For that, I dedicate this post to the girls who’ve been there through good times and bad. No matter how hard it is for us to meet and time just keeps on going too fast (especially with kids involved), I love you. Xx.

Sorry, Not Sorry.

We’ve all heard the song from BLUE, “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” but guess what ladies, it seems like Sorry is the easiest word for us to express ourselves even though many times we know we’re never in the wrong. Now, we should all just stop it!

Quite some time ago, while browsing my News Feed on Facebook, I chanced upon a video from Pantene (you know, that hair product brand). “Not Sorry”. Take a look.

While you’re at work…
Overusing the word would probably make us look unfit for leadership. Many of times, we apologise when we requested a favour from other people, or before we question when we misunderstood an explanation. A lot of us think by saying sorry before anything else, will lessen of others to judge us as being rude, but we could’ve just do without it and not seem rude yet firm and polite (the tone of our voice will help… and a smile if needed). So it’s about time to ditch the word and use it when we really… really… mean it.

While at home…
I am, too, the victim of the “Sorry” wordy. I will say sorry when I ask to change the channel. I will say sorry if I need my husband to get the laundry or the groceries. All the time, apologising when there’s nothing really wrong. When we’re at home or around our friends, we may think that saying “Sorry” will actually help us to be more polite or courteous. Abusing the word will make the meaning of it, meaningless.

So, would you say, “Sorry dear, could you get me the laundry?” or
“Dear, If you could help me with the laundry, please? Thank you!”
The latter just sounds better huh? 😉

Mom’s the best!

Motivational-Cooking-Quotes-ChefsHere’s a quick post to dedicate to all Mothers and Grandmothers on being the best for the family!


Oceanfront Premium Deluxe at Indochine Resort & Villa, Phuket


We wrapped things up last year with an unforgettable trip to Phuket! Took us 45 days to plan our 4D3N vacation and yes, it was a last minute decision for this year end trip. Fortunately, we managed to plan our itinerary and packed the list with tours around the Krabi Island, sight-seeing around Phuket Town, Kata Beach and the touristy Patong.

Indochine Resorts & Villas – Oceanfront Premium Deluxe Room
ocean premium deluxe

And that’s the outdoor area of our room. It was breathtaking and all I could ever wanted when I stepped in the room was to jump in the pool. Well, that’s not the only surprise. While walking towards our room, we were even excited to see the separated outdoor jacuzzi.

It does cost more than the normal resorts available in Patong, but it’s all worth every penny. Transportation provided by the resort but you can also book a personal taxi to any destination for 300BAHT (per trip) or if you would like to go on an adventure around Phuket, I would recommend the bike rental which cost you 300BAHT only for 24 HOURS!

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School for Cool

It’s Adam’s first year in Play School and with not much choices of Preschool in our neighbourhood, we thought it should be all right to only consider the travel convenience instead. 3 Hours of play time with his friends and I believe he’s enjoying himself independently though the schedule of his classes are not to our preference. So, I wanted to search for better schools with more curriculum for Adam but have no idea what I should look out for.

I’ve always thought I should consider the quality of their education/curriculum and a balance of learn and play. I wanted a school that allows their student to be creative and also teach them basic etiquette. Being very critical about the tiniest feedbacks and comments made by his Preschool Teacher, I looked for reasons and judged their leadership.

And I was wrong.

Anything that a child should learn is at home. The people who should teach, nurture and guide them should be their parents and guardians. With the technology and the convenience of Google and WWW, parents should take their time for research of ways to nurture their child. Interact with them as much as you can. Let them explore the outdoors and talk to them about the surroundings.

YouTube can be convenient for me to juggle the house chores and making sure the kids are well occupied but I realised I should plan a limited schedule for TVs and YouTube and make time for colouring, learning numbers and alphabets, pronunciation and phonics, explore the outdoors, go for a swim or to the playground. I have to be observant enough while catching up on his growth. I have to educate myself first with the updated curriculum in order to guide him when he needs us.

Nobody say it’s going to be easy. And for new parents; I would like to share some of these links for your children of age 3 to 5 years old. Save on that purchase for colouring books and worksheets and make this smart simplicity a good time for you to spend with your children!

1) Crayola Free Coloring Pages
2) Alphabetical Worksheets from A to Z
3) Numerical Worksheets from 1 to 20

Also, Good to read:

What to look for in your Child’s Preschools

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Book of the Week: Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius

Finally, after made my order last two weeks, I’ve got my hands on Ghost Boy. Anticipated to begin my journey, I was overwhelmed and inspired by just reading 5 chapters of the book. I’m not too sure if you would categorized it as a Biography.

Martin’s like any other ordinary boy. Grew up with a loving parent and two other siblings. Until one day, he came home complaining of a sore throat and as months go by, he slept for longer hours during the day and realised the difficulty to walk. After a year, doctors had finally concluded he’d suffered from a degenerative neurological disorder. Unaware of his surroundings, he finally woke up with the unfortunate coma. Helpless and trapped in his body, he tried everything that he could to send a sign of his awaken to his family and caretaker but nothing seems to be on his side.

Captivated by his story, I’m looking forward to finish this book. ‘Ghost Boy’ would definitely teaches us things in life. To listen, to cherish, to be grateful for what we have. Thank You Martin, for sharing such a wonderful story of your life.

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